Crabs Masala

Malvani recipe, where Crabs are slow cooked with hand pound spices, highly aromatic and delicious



Ready In:

1 hour



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About this Recipe

By: Nayan Khadapkar

A favorite among Konkani people, crabs come in a variety of sizes and can be fried, baked and curried for individual taste. Crabs curry is made using a special blend of Malvani masala, which adds to the aroma and flavour


  • 2 Large¬†Crabs
  • 1 Onion (long chopped)
  • 1 grated coconut
  • 1 small bowl coriander
  • 2 teaspoon tumeric
  • 25 gms Kokan Bazar Malvani Masala
  • 2 big spoons of oil
  • Salt as per taste


Do not cook Crabs separately

Use our Authentic Malvani masala for aroma and taste

Add lower quantity of salt than usual, as any shell fish is already a bit salty


High in Proteins, vitamins and minerals, it is best served with Rice / Chapatis 

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1

Mash the smaller legs in a mixer and filter out the liquid. We will use it later to enhance the gravy taste. Shallow fry the onions and grated coconut on a low flame till golden brown. Mash it in a mixer with minimum water. Set aside

Step 2

Add oil to the pan and fry the onion on low heat till golden brown. Add half of the chopped onion and stir. Add 2 tsp of turmeric, 4 tsp of Malvani masala and continue stirring for about a minute

Step 3

Add the crabs and stir till the oil separates. Add salt as per taste, preferably lower quantity than usual as any shell fish is already a bit salty

Step 4

Add a little quantity of water. Cover and cook the crabs for about 5-6 minutes. Add the pre-filtered crab legs(smaller) water to this mixture and stir

Step 5

Add the fried and mashed coconut/onion mixture and continue stirring. Cover and cook for 5 mins. Garnish with coriander and serve