Vengurla Cashews

GI tag. Proven nutritional value and high Vitamic C content which is 5X more than Oranges, rich source of proteins for vegetarians & high Vitamin and Mineral content


Healthy snack

By: Nayan Khadapkar

Cashews contain essential nutrients, and has been recently tagged as Superfood, due to their heart healthy oleic and palmitoleic acids, which help in lowering the bad cholesterol levels in our blood. Classified as Dry fruits, they are fruits where the water content is removed by drying them out in Sun or using artificial means, giving them a high shelf life while maintaining their nutritional values

Nutrition and Weight

Maintaining weight is a perennial problem with Obesity rising among Indians due to their Sedentary lifestyle and habits. Unhealthy eating habits and oily food consumption`compound these problems. Including superfoods like dry fruits in our daily diet can lead to increased metabolism and help in weight loss while providing the nutritional needs required by our body. High Protein, Vitamin and mineral content in Cashews is the primary reasons why consumption in countries like India has gone up recently. Health conscious people benefit by adding them to their daily diet or as recommended by dieticians

Vengurla Cashews

In India, Cashew is mainly produced in Maharashtra and is exported all over the world. Vengurla’s cashew has got a Geographical Index tag.  It has a scientifically proven nutritional value and high Vitamin C content which is 5X more than Oranges. Depending on the Kernel shape, size and color, cashews come in different qualities and usually stores stock up on the cheaper W450/W320 grades. Kokan Bazar stocks the Vengurla Cashew which has a juice content of 86% and is rich in unsaturated fatty and other bioactive compounds like high-quality vegetable protein, fiber, minerals, tocopherols, phytosterols, and phenolic compounds

  • Protein 36% 36%
  • Iron 37% 37%
  • Potassium 14% 14%