Authentic Products

We take great efforts to ensure that the products are free from chemicals or pesticides. Traditional methods are used for the preservation of Nutrients and Aroma in all of our spices and flour products, such as slow grinding of grains, millets and pounded spices. Since heat isn’t generated in the process, maximum nutrition and flavour is retained and we are able to provide a superior product to our customers

Kokan Bazar was started in 2008 for the welfare of rural women and their financial independence. Our desire to help women from Kokan, who lacked funds and organisational skills, resulted in starting a concept store in the heart of Shivaji Park, Mumbai. Our team works at a grass-root level with rural women by creating self-help groups, motivates them, trains them in dishing out staples, thereby facilitating 125 women from Kokan region by providing a platform for their 150 plus food products

My Story

How I Got Started

After graduating from TISS, I have worked with organizations like CASP, WHO, MAZE-MAHER, STREE-VARDHINI and conducted various programs for lady entrepreneurs. Always working for the benefit of women, hand-holding them, financially assisting them and building entrepreneurs out of rural women, my only purpose is to make them financially independent

What We Do

Create combinations of spices/flour using traditional recipes

Preserving our rich heritage and traditions for our future generations is a task supported by my son, Sanjay Khadapkar and his wife, Devika who are currently promoting Kokanbazar with the utmost sincerity, without compromising on the quality and production methods, improving and adding new products to our existing range.

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